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Google – The largest media property in the world

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Public Relations ( PR ) meets Google Search

Google accounts for up to 90 per cent of web searches in many Western markets including the UK and US, and serves results to more than three billion search queries globally every day.

It’s very important to consider Google as the largest media property in the world, and let go of the original notion of it being just a search engine.  The truth is everybody is searching for something.

Google is also the most trusted media source globally according to the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer.

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Credit: Interactive Advertising Bureau of NZ (IABNZ), in NZ $


So how do you get published in this medium?

There are two ways of published or ranking for a search term on Google.

  1. You can either buy attention through pay per click advertising OR
  2. You earn it through natural search (organics).

The content lines may be blurring but good editorial content online, like offline, is valuable and persuasive.

So why has the PR Industry been so slow at working with the world’s most important media property? Maybe because they see it as technical and challenging  – it requires fundamentally different skills and workflow.

In the last 18-months Google has focused its algorithms on editorial influence, reputation and trust.

Optymise Digital Marketing Agency was developed as a new breed of agency that sits between the worlds of technology and traditional marketing, PR and brand messages. Previously Public Relations content was missing out on the opportunity for search but now thanks to this new algorithm PR gets a second chance, which makes this content more powerful.

Optymise cleverly bridges the search and public relations world of businesses. Optymise Digital Media Agency is helping raise standards and remains focused on what counts: great ideas, grounded in meaningful marketing strategy that delivers business results.

SEO agencies like Opytmise are now turning their attention to the public relations business and are pitching content to media sites in a bid to earn attention and valuable links.  Google provides the planning tools, workflow and measurement framework for campaigns. It brings rigor to the business and allows us to focus on the craft of developing creative ideas and content and effective marketing campaigns.

In response to the ever evolving world of Google Search Marketing we  proudly release our NEW PR packages.   SEO PR – Building your brand credibility.