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Search Marketing = Get Found

Online Marketing with Optymise

We are all about using the right communication channels of funnels  (be it search engine optimisation, paid search advertising, local search optimisation or social media marketing) to get your website found by potential customers on the internet. We figure out what avenues and combinations will work to benefit you, your budget and your marketing strategy.

Websites are powerful marketing tools:

SEO, PPC & Local Search:

This type of marketing is what we call GET FOUND marketing. It has two aspects. One is like renting a house, the other is like owning a house:

Owning is the organic search result:  Organic takes longer but is more effective at driving traffic and is less expensive over time.

  • GET FOUND – Search Engine Optimisation  – (SEO) this can apply to nationwide campaigns, new products or services.
  • GET FOUND  – Local Search Optimisation  – This is the replacement of Yellow Pages.  Great for local business to get found. You can be in the organic results or the Google maps block.

PPC  or Pay Per Click

Renting is the paid result: You know your spend, have more control over immediate results and can control the flow.

Social Media Marketing

When considering using social media you must be thinking Branding, Relationships.

Our approach to Social Media begins with a Strategy to define the goals of the campaign.  It is more that random post and shares.  These campaigns are targeted, defined, measured and amended. Channels to consider are…

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