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Franchise SEO Services

At Opytmise we love local search, and SEO for Franchise is the premium example of how Local SEO and and Brand SEO merge. With 17 years experience in Digital Marketing and over 8 years experience in Franchise SEO & Digital Marketing, we’ve become experts in what franchises need to get their business seen online. We have developed a proven system.

What is SEO for Franchises, and why is it important?

Franchise SEO is the process of improving the visibility of local organic search rankings of a franchise businesses website for local locations and the nation wide brand. We customise our approach depending on if you want to promote the corporate brand, your local franchise locations, or even grow you franchise numbers with an acquisition campaign.

Every franchise wants their franchisee to be the leader in their local market for local places search and local mobile search Our franchise search engine optimisation campaigns get your locations ranking at the top of the search engines so that you can get more paying customers.

Franchise businesses are growing at a startling rate, but so are the challenges that come with them. With the advancement of digital marketing, comes many challenges of running a franchise or multi-location business, optimising your online presence for every market with a storefront or office can be one of the most daunting.

Worried about cohesive messaging, location listings, content distribution…?

“Did I do as much for this location as the other locations? Is all of the messaging coming from each location cohesive? Have I or one of my team members duplicated efforts or content anywhere along the way? Are my franchisees engaging in other activities online that are counterproductive to our efforts?”

Prevent a tangled online mess from the outset

When it comes to marketing your multiple business locations online, franchise SEO can turn into a tangled mess in a hurry. At Optymise we offer a 5 point checklist that helps you successfully attract customers for your franchises and multiple business locations by harnessing the power of the search marketing and local SEO:

1. Get your “on-site” right

Before your head starts spinning thinking about all of the locations you have to deal with, first hone in on the main pages of your site. These are typically the homepage, the “about us” page, your blog, and your products and services pages. Not only will these likely be the most visited pages on your site, they will also be the pages that show up higher in organic search engine results.

Take care in curating unique, engaging content for each of these website pages, particularly your products and services pages. As long as what your businesses are offering is basically the same across locations, there is no need to create individual services pages for each location. Instead, each location should reference the same services pages. This will save you a lot of pain and suffering and build more authority for said pages.

2. Audit your brand’s online footprint

External sites that describe, feature, and promote your business are frequently a major differentiating factor in competitive industries and markets. But, before you start worrying about this for your franchisees, take a hard look at your brand’s off-site presence that exists outside of your own website (we call this off-site SEO). Do you have a brand page on all of the major social media channels? Are your social media pages updated and posted on regularly? Are your newsworthy events, products, and services being covered by legitimate online publications?

3. Local content creation

Now that we’ve covered the importance of promoting your brand as a whole, let’s talk about how to make sure customers in each target market are able to easily find your local franchises online.

4. Business listings

Consistency of all of your locations’  NAP or names, addresses, and phone numbers on the Web. The below graphic depicts the local search ecosystem and how your key business information is shared by business directories. There are tools available in USA and now Australia to help with this process, but New Zealand still requires this to be done manually.  This situation is changing.

5. Leverage your franchisees

When dealing with multi-location businesses, individual location managers and owners may be hampering your efforts unknowingly. To avoid this, put a cohesive marketing plan in place. As part of opening a new location, have a marketing checklist that clearly defines what activities your franchisee should and should not engage in.

Call Optymise SEO for Franchise Marketing on +64 27 372 5057 to see how we can help your network online  – we offer free reporting and audits in our quoting.

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