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Search Engine Advertising

What is Search Engine Advertising (or PPC)?

PPC, or search engine advertising is a form of internet marketing where you pay for your website to appear high in search engine results. The most common form of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is Google AdWords. While SEO is a longer game to grow your site’s natural visibility in search results (without paying for clicks), PPC gets you in the top spots of Google through its paid bidding system.

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How does it work?

PPC works by bidding on your best search phrases or keywords in order to appear higher in search results. Your advertisement will be listed in the sponsored areas of Google results page, which will send visitors to your website. Paid search advertising requires careful monitoring and tweaking to ensure:

  1. You’re not spending too much on clicks
  2. You get a good click-through rate
  3. Your ads are attracting quality visitors
  4. Your visitors are converting when they reach your site

How does Optymise help with PPC?

Optymise can help manage your search engine advertising by testing and measuring the results via the following:

  • The number of impressions of your ads
  • The geographical location of your ads to suit your prospective customer
  • Conversions through this type of advertising alone
  • The total cost of your search marketing campaign
  • The cost per conversion for your advertising program

Additionally, search engine advertising is also a good way to test and measure competitiveness in your industry and market and helps answer some serious marketing questions.

With Optymise, we’ll work with you to optimise your paid marketing campaign with the aim of reducing costs and increasing your return on investment. 

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