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Press Releases

Building Brand Credibility – Optimised Press Release

Using a Press Release as a public relations announcement and effectively distributed issued to the news media and other targeted publications is a great way of letting people know who you are, why you’re relevant and what you can offer. Delivering a Press Release is a good way to mirror your offline marketing online to help get your brand and website found. They also help search engines associate what keywords are relevant to you, so it can send people searching for your services or products to your website.


We work with copy writers to meet, interview and write the Press Release for you. We can also edit provided copy to ensure it’s user (and search) friendly.


We will optimise your Press Release article for search engines and keywords and ensure it can be found when people search online, but also to help your website in general gain more visibility.

Editing and Polishing

While you may select to write the Press Release article yourself, we can edit what you provide to ensure it’s search and user friendly.


We publish your Press Release on the right channels. We include Press Releases and digital  releases in our National SEO packages.

Press releases are a powerful way of generating an immediate buzz for your business and puts you in front of media decision makers and important news sites. It’s also one of the most powerful forms of SEO for generating natural backlinks from high authority websites.

Optymise Press Release Options:


Press Release Services SEO EXPRESS REAL NEWS
Keyword Research Yes Yes
Search Optimised Copy Yes Yes
Social Sharing Options Yes Yes
Anchor Text Links & Custom URL Yes Yes
Major Search Engine Distribution Yes Yes
Local News Site Distribution Yes Yes
International News Site Distribution Yes
Distributed to Major Online News Sites Yes
Distributed to Premium Online Publishers Yes
Include Optimised Images Yes
Distributed to 250,000+ News Subscribers Yes
Distributed to 30,000+ Journalists & Bloggers Yes
$699 one off ex GST $1299 one off ex GST

Why Press Releases Work:

  • Optymise press releases purchased as a one off or are included within monthly campaigns
  • Important brand development technique
  • Great backlink technique and if news worthy they can gain traction in mainstream media
  • Great for targeting keywords that are difficult to rank for

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