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Eddie Spearing

Brand and Marketing Guy

Eddie Spearing
Brand & Marketing Guy

Eddie has a wide and diverse range of business experience to draw from R&D engineering, publishing, advertising, import & distribution, marketing, photography, spreadsheet master, action-sports, organisational leadership, business creation… consequently he sees above the horizon but realises it’s the detail, the important nitty gritty, that creates the pathway.

Essentially, Eddie’s the guy who produces ideas and opportunities, to fix or solve a problem and he likes to think he could explain the problem from an outsiders point of view to you, in order to solve whatever it is that needs solving.
Eddie loves creating, communicating, making networks, bringing people together… making 2 + 2 = 5. With great energy, and a positive attitude; he’s a people person.He’s slightly non-conformist, highly entrepreneurial, interesting with a sense of adventure. He thinks outside the square and turns his hand to most anything. With a large number of contacts he is a subtle and effective networker.
Eddie has a Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering Design and is currently undertaking a Masters in Design Enterprise at Otago.