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Robyn Macdonald

Founder & CEO

Robyn Macdonald
Founder & CEO
Brand & Marketing Consultant

Robyn launched Optymise Marketing in 1998, her diverse background gives a unique perspective on the convergence of marketing, design, and technology. She takes an active role in developing the Marketing Strategies including Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.

Robyn studied Physiotherapy at Otago and went on to work with some of the world’s leading sports teams before she settles in Christchurch, where she set up first the Sumner Physiotherapy then Ferrymead Physiotherapy, before selling these clinics to focus on being a Mum. In the early days of Opytmise Ltd, she managed to juggle the flexible working environment of Digital Marketing with the busy life of bringing up a young family.

Motivated by the love of learning Robyn has a Certificate of Fashion Design, Diploma in Interior Design – CPIT, Microsoft IT Certifications , Diplomas’ in Online Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design.

She leads the Optymise team through a Startup Hi-Tech Launch Platform, in Christchurch, graduated from 3 years of training in Entrepreneur Success Program based in Wellington.

Robyn created her own clothing label in the 80’s and developed it into Hi-Tech Sports clothing brand, being the first to design and manufacture MTB clothing for the growing Mountain Biking Leisure Market. The MTB clothing was sold to 18 retail outlets throughout NZ prior to it closing for personal reasons in 1992.

Her roles as a Digital Marketing Consultant have taken her to China, Italy, and Thailand where she was instrumental in developing marketing solutions for Trade Partnerships between New Zealand and Mainland China.
In 2008 – 2010 she was part of a team that researched and developed Culinary Tourism relationships in Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Tuscany as part of a business innovation to develop the culinary tourism market. She was instrumental in relationship development and culinary tour creations in Bail, Thailand, Italy and China for a New Zealand based Travel Company.

She is known and respected for her knowledge, innovation, can do attitude and her smile.
She sits on the Board of Young Designers Awards www.YDA.org.nz

When she not in business mode Robyn can be found landscaping her garden in Wanaka, spending time with her teenage family, walking her much loved dog Bella and pursuing her love of all things design and culinary.